Collection Of Information:

Custom Boxes World owns a collection of information Custom Boxes World collects information and transmissions from its customers using various points on its website.

Registration Process:

Users have to complete their form on this website using Custom Boxes World. Even if a customer has not yet placed his order, he is required to provide his name and e-mail address. We use his information to contact him to offer our services and Use.

Order Process:

We request the user to provide their information on our existing order form and the user receives their information including their name, their email address and their shipping address. In addition, we take information from them, which includes the credit card number and its expiration date, which is the necessary information. We use this information to ensure that credit card authorization and all customer orders are fulfilled. If we encounter any difficulty in processing the order, we will contact the user with this information.


A cookie is a piece of secure data inside a user’s computer that is associated with all user information. We keep our cookies permanent. It is a text file that is stored on the user’s hard drive for a long time.

The Custom Boxes Board uses these cookies within the Order section to identify all users separately and these files are attached to the order.

Log Files Process:

All of the following factors are required to check and identify a user’s order used by Custom Boxes World.

web convention (IP) addresses, program type, web access supplier (ISP), alluding/leave pages, stage type, date/time stamp, and number of snaps to dissect patterns, regulate the webpage, track clients’ development in the total, and accumulate expansive segment data for total use. All this data is only available to identify the order and does not show any personal information of the user.

Updates and Special Offers:

Members of our Custom Boxes World affiliated with us may receive occasional product services, special deals and information related to a newsletter. Offer the option of not receiving communications to ensure that our users’ privacy is not revealed. If you do not wish to receive future e-mails, you can send your e-mail to our Custom Boxes World e-mail at 

Subscription of Newsletter:

When we ask our customers about their emails and various information, they are automatically subscribed to our newsletter and our Custom Boxes World takes responsibility for the confidentiality of this information.

Customer Service Process:

Custom Boxes World communicates with its customers on a regular basis to provide on-demand services using both email and phone numbers provided by its customers and our production and customer service. In doing so, the order is fulfilled.

Legal Disclaimer Description:

Customer Boxes World strives to maintain the privacy of the user, but in many cases they may be required to disclose this privacy. This may be required in cases where I need to comply with a legal court action or such action is taken on a court order but we keep our user’s privacy a secret.

Third Party Sellers:

Custom Boxes World delivers your order to you by ship or using an external shipping company and we use credit card processing to complete the process.

Business Money Transitions:

If Customs Boxes World wants the business transfer to be obtained through another company or to sell part of its assets, the consumer’s personal information will be part of the transfer in most cases. If, as a result of a business transfer, users’ personally identifiable information is used in a way that is different from what was stated at the time of submission, it will be in accordance with our notice of visible changes.

Your Choice:

Custom Boxes World gives its customers the opportunity to use opt-outs to access information that is not directly from our site where we request information. Customers who place their order on our website can use the opt-out mechanism on our website and remove their email address from our list if they do not want any marketing materials.


A process that is very important that links to other websites may also come to our website so we are not responsible for the confidentiality of their information. Custom Boxes World notifies its customers when they leave the website that they should read the privacy statements of each website that collects personally identifiable information.

Security Process:

Custom Boxes World Company has a feature that keeps all of their customer’s information secure and whenever a customer collects their sensitive information through the website, their information is protected even if they are online.

Custom Boxes World uses the best SSL encryption software to store all sensitive information when a customer places an order on a registration form and provides their information. Custom Boxes World uses its SSL encryption software to secure all of the user’s information online and secure it offline.

Your information does not go out anywhere, it only goes to our employees who send money and collect fees and there is no question of leaving our offices. And even these employees can’t easily access this information unless they can enter their given password. This password also protects your sensitive information from these employees.

Changes Alert Notification:

If we ever decide to change our Privacy Policy, all of these changes will appear on the homepage and elsewhere, which you can read and understand properly. Therefore, our employees are aware of all the sensitive information you have provided, how to collect this information and how to use it, and in what circumstances to disclose it if necessary. 

We assure our customers that when we use their personally identifiable information in a variety of ways, from the time their information was collected to the present, Email informs them of the purpose for which their information is being used. If a customer deactivates their account on the Website, our Company will be bound to terminate contact with this User and their personal information will not be used in any new way.

If Custom Boxes World makes any changes to its privacy practices, it will post noticeable notices on its website regarding this change. So you can feel free to give your personal information by trusting our company and we assure you that except for the employees who send money, someone will also have this information of yours and your information online. Will be protected both online and offline, and notices will be sent to your email address at the time of each job change. You don’t have to worry about anything, you can trust us without hesitation.

Company Information:

Custom Boxes World UK

Phone number:   0207 193 9482