I Need to Track my Order How do I Do it?

Yes, you can easily track your order. You just need to call (+44 207 193 9482) for every kind of information.

I Want To Modify The Style Of My Custom Box That I Have Ordered, Can I Do That?

There is a time span for this process. If you have ordered your custom boxes, then you can change it within 2 or 3 days. Because, after three days, the designs are sent to our production house and on the same say the production gets started. So, finalize your artwork before this happens.

Can I Give You My Own Artwork For The Designing Of Custom Box?

Definitely, you can give us your imaginary artwork, and we will work on it to make it exactly the way you wanted. It would be very helpful from your side. Thank you!

Do You Have Templates Or Samples Of Your Work/Boxes?

Yes, we have our archive of various templates of customized boxes. Which by the way you are welcome to select from. You will get every box style and design plus make design for your own as well, so feel free to choose from them.

How Will I Know When My Order Has Been Shipped?

Before the shipping of your productsour customer representatives will update you every second. Just like after your order finishes and provide a time span, which will lead you to your doorstep.

Why Do You Need Dimensions Of My Product?

The dimensions helps a lot in the making of your products box. Why because we have to design the exact perforation which grips your products in every thick and thin.

Do You Offer Box Styles That Are Not Listed On Your Website?

You see, the meaning of custom boxes defines this question. On our website, the mentioned box styles are common to the market. But for a new design box, you have to provide the product’s details includes the shape and the size. And we will make that for you.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

The world is progressing rapidly, and the dealing of everything has evolved in the form of online transactions. To meet the modern patterns and for the convenience of our customers, we accept all the forms of payment. You can pay for your orders through Master Card, PayPal, Union Pay, Visa, and all the other channels of payment.

Will My Colors Match If I Reorder The Same Box Again?

For this reason, you have to contact the company and have to talk to the same person whom you ordered before. And you have to provide the same credentials of your previous order if needed. In results, there is no hard and fast rule for that, yes, we can but through a particular process.

Do You Offer Graphic Design Services?

Yes, we do you can directly talk to our graphic designers for your designs and vice versa. If you want to see your designed products, we can send you 2D and 3D mockups of your custom box.

Do You Offer Custom Box Style?

Obviously, that’s why we are here. We offer a million box styles, which are also on our website. Go watch them; you will find our pioneer custom boxes, which are Tuck-end, two-piece, rigid, mailer, and also various customized shapes. Just click on the order button and allow us to work for you.

How to make sure the correct box size?

We help you measuring the product in right way and will send you the dieline file so you can simple print it out, Make a paper dummy of the box and can make sure the size is perfect.

How to make sure the correct box size?

We help you measuring the product in right way and will send you the dieline file so you can simple print it out, Make a paper dummy of the box and can make sure the size is perfect.

I want to change the style of the custom boxes I ordered. Can I do this?

You need a period of time to process this. If you have placed a custom order for the manufacture of these boxes, you can contact us in two or three days to replace or modify it. Because work on your boxes starts within two to three days, you need to tell them about the change in style before it’s too late.

May I give you my artwork for designing these custom boxes?

Yes, of course you can tell us about your imaginary work and we will follow your artwork as you wish. The artwork provided by you or our company will be very helpful. Thanks You!

Do you have any custom made boxes sample or work samples?

Yes, of course we have our pre-made templates and work samples. Our company welcomes you to choose it and you will find the make-up design in addition to the style and design of Custom Boxes. So you will have a free environment to choose your boxes from Custom Boxes World.

How do I know if my completed order has been shipped to me?

Our customer representatives will keep you updated every second. Your product will be updated to you first. You will be given the time and duration of completion of your order and your product will arrive at your doorstep according to your given time.

Why do you need the dimensions of the product I make?

It can be very important for us to know the dimensions of your product as it will help us to do something in such a way that we will design the exact holes for it and your product for every thick and thin grip. We will make custom boxes in a good way.

Do you offer custom box styles that are not on the list on your website?

Yes, of course yesterday you must have heard the concept of custom boxes. We will give you all the boxes that are in the list of our website but if you want to make a new style box then you can Will have to provide the details of the box which may include the shape of the box and the size of the box. We will prepare it for you in a very good way.

What type of payment do you accept for yourself?

As you know the world is developing very fast and everything is being paid for online. We accept all kinds of payment from you for the latest preparation of your samples and for your convenience. You have a variety of channels within which you can use MasterCard PayPal Union Pay Visa and all forms of payment for your order.

If I order a rearrangement of the same box, will I be able to compete in this color?

In order to place this order, you must contact the representative of our company who has previously placed an order with you for the manufacture of this box. Yes, we can do it for a specific process but for that you have to give all the details to our representative and we don’t have any strict rules for that.

Do you provide your company’s personal graphic designing service?

Yes, of course we are here just for you. You can go to our website and find more than a million dubs whose designs are our own. You can customize your details and design these boxes according to your thinking with our expert graphic designing team.

Can we print on the inside and outside of our custom boxes?

Yes, we are here for you for the same process. You can customize your box from anywhere and get customized by looking at this approach. You don’t have to do any work. You just sit back and let us know your thoughts and we will be responsible for you to print and style the box both internally and externally.

Are there any hidden fees involved in the manufacture of these boxes?

No, if you get any kind of die cut or plate for your boxes, it doesn’t matter any extra cost that is hidden like other companies are taking and it is an immediate inconvenience to the consumers.

Do you ship these boxes to any country other than the UK?

Yes, of course, our services are spread all over the world, so you can place orders from anywhere in the world for our company to produce custom boxes and our company will deliver your products to your doorstep on time.

How long will I receive these custom boxes?

As soon as we place your order we start the work of preparing your custom boxes. You get these boxes in two different ways. Within the first stage you will receive this box within eight to ten days. But within the second stage which is an expensive stage you will get these boxes within 6 to 8 days.

Does Custom Boxes World require a minimum order?

We try our best to set the number of these boxes according to our customer but we try our best that the company starts working from at least 100 pieces. You can place maximum order and we hope our company will offer you a discount if you place maximum order.

Do you ship these boxes to your customer for free in the UK?

Yes, we deliver these custom boxes to our customer absolutely free within UK but if order comes to our company from anywhere in the world, we charge a fee to deliver it to them within that order.

Can we do blind trust on Customs Boxes World?

Yes of course you can trust our company completely and we hope that if you use our custom boxes they will not break your trust and you will succeed in producing very good boxes. We hope that once you use the service, you will be happy to use it again, given our work.