Legal Notification:

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as these Terms and Conditions are currently provided by the Government on the Customs Boxes World website. You must agree to our Terms and Conditions in order to use and access our Website, its Additional Guidelines, its Restrictions and its Terms and Conditions that are specific to this Website.

Custom Boxes World may change these Terms and Conditions at any time, so you may need to read our Terms and Conditions first when you access our Website.

Trademark and Copywriter:

You are solely responsible for using it in conjunction with any other content included in your product, such as graphics text or other content. You must agree that you will not publish any of your products in any way in the text, image design, trademark and service mark through any third party in your product without the appropriate permission of its original owner. You must guarantee that your products do not infringe the rights of any third party, copyright, trademark, advertising and privacy. By placing an order on our Custom Boxes World site, you guarantee that you have all the necessary permissions and options for your order, and you authorize our website to develop your products.

Customer List:

You are exclusively answerable for utilizing it related to some other substance remembered for your item, for example, illustrations content or other substance. You should concur that you won’t distribute any of your items in any capacity in the content, picture configuration, trademark, and administration mark through any outsider in your item without the fitting authorization of its unique proprietor. You should ensure that your items don’t encroach on the privileges of any outsider, copyright, trademark, promoting, and protection. By putting in a request on our Custom Boxes World webpage, you ensure that you have all the vital consents and alternatives for your request, and you approve our site to build up your items.

The person who created all this information, statistics, text, images, graphics messages and any kind of content is solely responsible for it. So you are responsible for all the messages and content you send to our website to prepare your custom boxes. Custom Boxes World reserves the right to remove content without permission from any customer who does not comply with its terms and conditions.

We assure you that all the information you have provided will be kept safe with us but may need to be disclosed within a legal matter.

Artwork Submitted by Customer: 

If you submit your content and information to us, there are certain requirements for which you must provide all your artwork or design and images with CMYK and at least 300 dpi. Customs Box World is not responsible for any changes to the information you provide and if you provide us with any information from RGP to CMYK, we will not make any changes.


If you feel that the materials used in the manufacture of these boxes do not fit you or are not food grade, you can immediately tell us any need in writing. If you need a customized food grade, you must let us know before ordering.

Customer Is Responsible For Proof And Layout Approval:

Custom Boxes World is not eligible for any of the following product errors:

  • Require familiar graphics and use the wrong font.
  • Spelling, grammatical and endowment defects
  • Incorrect die cut slits or incorrect and missing folds
  • The size of the finished product

Hard Copy Proofs and Color Accuracy:

Custom Boxes World will do its best to ensure that the color of the files produced is as close to the color as possible. But Custom Boxes World cannot guarantee that the printing process will be hampered by the need to ink the image of the neighbor in addition to the different printing features. We fully guarantee that your color accuracy will be within 90% with approved final proof.


You agree that Customs Boxes World will indemnify and defend all parties to whom Customs Boxes World has provided certain portions of the Content and its directors to officers and employees, all claims, liability, damages, costs and reasonable legal decisions and costs, including conditions of liaison. Does it infringe any suit claims that any text, image, graphic, other related demands and materials that are included in your product that were not part of the site’s standard.

Cancelation of Order:

If you wish to cancel your order, Custom Boxer Word will cancel the order before it is delivered to you, but if we have forwarded it to you, you cannot cancel it. If you cancel your order before this stage all your orders will be canceled and your payment will not be taken but for the designer and various employees within our department this is your total amount. 5% will be charged.

20% of the total order is deducted to meet our design department’s compensation within the second phase. Our Custom Boxes World guarantees that your order can be canceled after these full fees have been deducted, but we do not fully guarantee this. If your order cancellation process is in step 3, our company will charge you 50% of the full amount, but if it falls in step 4, it cannot be canceled.


We are confident that the products we manufacture will be completely accurate and without error and will be unique but if any of our errors are confirmed in it we will refund or refund you. Will be responsible for re-printing.


License Supply Officer Directors Employees or any individual found within Customs Boxes World cannot be held responsible for any frivolous non-controversial or regulatory conditions.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Custom Boxes World gives you all the time you need to get your product approved and the benefits used for it guaranteed. Custom Boxes World cannot be cleared of any kind of error, so when you use it, you may see a variety of links.


Custom Boxes World has the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day / National Patriots’ Day
  • Canada Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day
  • Labor Day
  • Good Friday
  • Day After New Year’s Day

Our customers inspect all packages of damaged or lost items before processing the product. If they suspect any wrongdoing after reading it, they can report it on the official Custom Boxes World website. Custom Boxes World will not be liable if our customers do not report any error within three business days after a thorough inspection. Custom Boxer World will not be responsible for any defective shipment or error if it is shipped by a third party.

When Custom Boxes World Shipping, it also comes with some extra pieces that are absolutely free and it is rare that the order shipment may have fewer pieces than the order. If the customer wants to get the exact quantity he / she wants, he / she is advised to pay ten percent more to Custom Boxes World during the order. This ten percent will be charged to the customer in case the customer enters the given information due to an error within which the given shipping address may be incorrect. It bases itself entirely on customer error