JOURNEY and Evolution Of CARDBOARD BOXES from Nowhere

Cardboard boxes play a crucial part not only in the packaging boxes industry but also in our daily life routine. Cardboard boxes are considered one of the most useful and significant inventions of the modern era. Can you ever imagine if you have to move your house and relocate into a different city and you don’t have the facility of these lightweight cardboard custom boxes?

Or you have to store your seasonal fabrics. Or if you purchase some toys for your child online and they reach your home as broken, it will definitely make your kids heartfelt. Or keep it more simple for instance, if your breakfast cereal did not reach your home due to the unavailability of cardboard boxes. Because the cereal prices will be boosted up and almost become inaccessible due to the high prices of Cardboard packaging boxes. Cardboard boxes have surrounded us whether you believe it or not.

Material Used Before Invention of Cardboard Packaging Boxes:

When cardboard boxes were not there, crates made of wood were used to pack, ship, and transport the items. But these wooden crates were not only inefficient to transport some fragile products but also cost very high. Unlike cardboard boxes, these wooden crates were not able to be replicated in a bulk quantity, which is also one of the major disadvantages.

Cardboard Boxes Evolution:

Here we are going to have a look at the evolution and journey of Cardboard Boxes. About thousands of years ago cardboard boxes were first invented in Ancient China. That is not so surprising because paper was also invented by the Chinese. They used the “Cardboard Boxes” of Mulberry tree bark to store and wrap foods.

It seems identical to one of the methods used for food boxes. Due to the trading among the Chinese empire and Europe cardboard boxes gradually reached the west. But, the interesting thing is that cardboard boxes were not used for packaging purposes rather it was used for printing and writing purposes.

Evolution of Cardboard Packaging Boxes in 1800,s:

The first Cardboard boxes sheet was manufactured by Malcolm Thornhill and it was first used to store a famous German war strategy board game. It reflects that still, we have not changed enough as compared to such an old era as we still use cardboard boxes to make some board games such as monopoly and scrabble. It is impossible to imagine a childhood without these board games.

In the same way, Cardboard packaging boxes got popularized in France to transport eggs from Japan in 1840 to prevent them from breaking.

The corrugated paper boxes were also invented to line the top hats for the English elite in the year of 1856. But they start using Cardboard packaging boxes as they want perfect hats with well-decoration. So, cardboard was started being used by the people to keep them in the same shape.

But corrugated Cardboard packaging boxes were also started to be used in 1871 for shipping and the purpose of handling material on a large scale. In 1890 Robert Gair invented pre-cut cardboard boxes which is one of the most important innovations of that time because they could be manufactured and folded into boxes without any hassle.

The factory of Robert Gair mass produces foldable cardboard boxes that were used to pack tiny products such as cosmetics, toothpaste, tea, and tobacco. This was the time of increase of products and it also boosted the sales of Cardboard packaging boxes as well.

Evolution of Cardboard packaging Boxes in 1900,s:

During World war two, the Cardboard packaging boxes were used as a face mask provided to the UK citizens by the Government to keep them secure from some life-threatening gases. In 1983 the cardboard boxes were used in a more unique way when people were relocated to their homes made up of Cardboard packaging boxes. After that, architect Peter Ryan in 2005 made a house completely made of cardboard.

Cardboard Boxes Role in Current Era:

Cardboard boxes are environment friendly and biodegradable, which is one of the causes boxes remained popular even during climate change. One can easily recycle or reuse the cardboard packaging boxes quite easily as many times as possible. The replacement of boxes material is plastic that is harmful to our environment and not biodegradable.

Moreover, they occupy less space than glass, plastic, and weed. Currently, there are a lot of uses for boxes. These days people prefer Custom Boxes World Uk rather than old, brown, and plain cardboard boxes.

They have various colors, sizes, and shapes according to the choice of a person. They are quite handy especially if someone is going to relocate. Every member of the family can store their things in particular cardboard packaging boxes. So that they can recognize their box later.