Importance Factors While Packaging Products

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In the first part we talked about manufacturing and business concerns with respect to choosing the product packaging. Let`s continue with other factors.

Supply Chain

This is the third factor that makes critical part of consideration for choosing the right product. You need to think how to safely store product and how to distribute it. Storage and distribution depends upon product`s design and here is where supply chain accounts for. First, environment is important. In the United Kingdom, packaging must come with detailed attention to concerns of dust, vibration, moisture, temperature and several other conditions. With packaging the supply chain process is moving efficiently. In the UK about 50 to 60percent sales of supermarkets comprise of perishable items with 5 to 7 percent loss causing from poor stock management. If packaging is done with right coding and labeling it enables seamless product movement from manufacturing unit to ultimate shelf. Stock turnaround becomes easier and faster with improved product tracking and stock accuracy. All these things reduce time and hence wastage. Important things in this regard are:

  • Resiliency
  • Compliance
  • Labelling and coding
  • Shelf life
  • Transportation requirements
  • Retailer and customer needs

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Brand & Marketing

Shelf appeal is an important aspect and its importance cannot be underestimated. About 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made in-store. The packaging is among first things that help to attract customers. It is also something that better reveals the description of product inside. Satisfaction of customers also includes satisfaction for packaging. So, it must be the right one. What consumers expect is easy opening, convenience, attractive look and functionality. Packaging is known to be a quality indicator. For packaging, our company is the best packaging custom boxes world website. It must satisfy consumers to create brand loyalty & to increase purchases. Important things to consider in this regard are:

  • Shelf readiness
  • Informative coding/labelling
  • Design consistency
  • Customer needs
  • Brand representation
  • User friendliness


While designing the packaging for products, there is not a single thing to consider. From customers` perspective you must know how packaging could add value, how it delivers experience, how it could help for connecting brand to customers` loyalty and how it can increase sales. Packaging must be modified to help it achieve the business goals. Process of packaging must be optimized as per future trends and direction. Just like other area of product lifecycle, packaging is also experiencing continuous innovation. If you can create convenience along with attractive appearance of packaging, you are going well.

To know and ensure how to choose and how to improve product packaging, consult professionals like us. We understand the each processing stage including packaging` impact on your consumers. Are you ready to discuss your packaging concerns? Contact us today.

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