Custom Boxes VS Premade Boxes. Which One Is a Perfect Packaging Solution?

In this modern world of innovations, trends have shifted towards the latest technologies. So, in this combat of technology, packages have also increased their demands. The latest strategies, technical knowledge, and advanced research have boomed their value to a great height. There is a big difference in the features of old premade boxes and custom boxes. At Fast Custom Boxes, our up-to-date devices and printing machines provide you the right boxes to pack all kinds of your products like food, jewelry, and much more.

You could get these printed boxes manufactured quickly in a bulk amount due to the atomization in its designing process. Whereas premade boxes take more time than average to get them ready for the wrapping of products. Modern features like self-heating or cooling, micro boxes, anti-bacterial boxes, and much more have been familiarized by custom packages suppliers. These latest boxes have gotten a new lifeline as compared to the old plain packages. In this blog, we will give you complete knowledge about both premade and custom boxes. So that, you will be able to select a perfect packaging for your business products. We also provide wholesale custom boxes on wholesale rates with free designing and shipment.

What Are Pre-Made Boxes?

If we concede the trend, these plain pre-made boxes are still used by industries these days. 

  • These boxes are simple in looks.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Easy to made. 
  • Don’t have printings on them.
  • Available in a single color.  

These packages have fixed sizes and can’t be crafted in every kind of dimension. They are available in standard shapes and formats. 

What are Custom Boxes? 

These boxes are specially manufactured by keeping all the requirements of its customers under consideration. You can get these printed packages in all types of shapes, forms, dimensions, styles, and decorations. It is not wrong to say that these wrapping solutions are on-demand these days. 

  • Their catchy designs are specially made to catch the eyes of customers. 
  • These packages are alluring in looks. 
  • Made up of Eco-Friendly materials. 
  • Imprinted with your company’s name, logo, and all related information.
  • Personalized in a wide range of color patterns.  

Popularity Of Your Business

Premade packages are manufactured in a bulk quantity. Due to the lack of focus on their proper design, these boxes don’t have any detail of your brand printed on them. That’s why these boxes are not good in making your brand popular among your clients. Custom Printing Boxes are mainly used for advertisement purposes. These boxes are the right marketing tool to save your brand’s name in the minds of people. They are manufactured to cast a positive impact of your product and company on your viewers. 


Necessity is the main factor in which the need for these packages is mainly based. For shipment and transportation, there is a need for large but simple boxes. For that purpose, companies are still using these pre-made boxes. Similarly, some brands focus on making their brands a famous identity in the market among its competitors. 

A lot of small companies in the United States make their own items like bakery products, cakes, and cosmetics. Brands use these boxes to display their products elegantly on the racks of stores. These printing boxes are the best suit for those persons, who want to attract their target clients.


Pre-made packages manufacturing don’t focus on designs. These packages come in a specific range of shapes, designs, and color patterns. Due to their single-use just for transportation or storage purposes, they are not personalized to a professional level. Custom boxes are mainly manufactured just to present your products in a more likable way in front of all your clients. So these boxes are customized in elegant themes, with the printing of bar code, expiry date, all kinds of benefits and precautions on their exterior surface.    

Price Analysis

Premade packages are mostly manufactured in bulk amounts. So they are lower in rates at wholesale. Same as if you are going to order custom packages for your product in bulk amount. You will also get special discounts from companies. Most of the custom packages are utilized by retailers so mostly they don’t need them in bulk amount. Similarly, custom boxes are also used for gift packing. In that case, their rates would be a little bit high than pre-made boxes. But you could impressively surprise your viewers and make them happier at that rate.  


These pre-made packages can’t be modified as these packages are ready-made. While custom printed packages could be altered in all required forms. These packages are made by focusing on those dimensions that are provided by customers. Due to this reason these boxes are called custom boxes.   

Sizes & Dimensions

Suppliers of pre-made packages make these boxes in large sizes and shapes. As these boxes are fixed in sizes that’s why their rates are also fixed. You can’t control the amount of cost that you are spending on your product packaging if you select these boxes. While custom boxes can be altered in any of the required shape and dimensions.

Moreover, you can also control the width of the cardboard or Kraft use in the manufacturing of your custom boxes. In this way, you can also make a variation in their rates. This thing makes your packages more affordable in price. If changes in size save $1 of your company then by ordering 100K custom packages, you will save your $100K at the end.

Product’s Safety 

Mostly the items packed inside these pre-made boxes become unfit. That causes a reduction in the life of your brand’s product. This thing will affect the safety of your product and cause packages cracks and brittleness. Custom boxes are specially made to keep your products safe for a long time. In these boxes, your items are fixed in their position and handled easily and simply.   


This is a detailed comparison between all the pros and cons of both custom boxes and pre-made packages. Now, everyone can select the right packaging solution for their products. Both these boxes have their specific uses. However, our marketing experts at will suggest you use custom boxes, if you are launching a new business. As they are good at marketing and showcasing of your brand’s products.