Christmas Eve Box Fun Ideas For Kids Teenager Lover and Friends

Exciting Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Everyone

Christmas is the time of the year to spread love, kindness, and devotion. Christmas teaches us giving. We give Christmas Eve Boxes, gifts, and presents to our family, loved ones, and people in need. I am sharing unique and exciting Christmas Eve Box ideas that will make Christmas 2020 a very special and memorable day for all of you. Custom Boxes World provides you with the best custom boxes and packing service to all companies in the UK and overseas. Custom Boxes World UK has a responsible community team and custom packing supplies that has been providing services in the manufacture of your custom boxes the past several years and providing reasonable cost printing and designing services.

Here are some simple yet amazing Christmas eve box ideas for everyone to give the night before Christmas Day:

Christmas Eve Boxes for Kids:

Kids are most excited about Christmas. Especially for presents! To divert their attention from all the gifts under the Christmas tree, meanwhile, you are busy with other preparations. I will give you some impressive Christmas eve box ideas. These ideas will keep them busy and boost their excitement for the Christmas day.

  • Buy small gift boxes, wrap with red, white, green wrapping papers. Draw or paste stickers of Merry Christmas themed characters.
  • Pop in traditional cane candies, jellies, chips, cookies, or coin chocolates.
  • For Christmassy feel, put pajamas, and socks with Santa’s hat and elves printed on them. Similarly, you can add slippers. Lovely! isn’t it?
  • You can also put play cards such as UNO, puzzles’ or building blocks for toddlers in Christmas eve boxes.
  • Kids love to color! Therefore, add crayons, finger paints, color pencils, and coloring books or note pads. You can even add some elf, Santa Claus, or little snowman stickers.
  • Printed letter or postcard from Santa Claus, engraved in wood with your kid’s name and address. A lovely memento for kids!
  • You can enjoy baking cookies and cupcakes with kids! Put different Christmas themed cookie cutters in Christmas gift boxes.

Christmas Eve Boxes for Teenagers:

  • Purchasing Christmas gift boxes for teenagers is harder. These boxes should include some grown-up items. Well, don’t worry! I have a perfect list of items for your young adults!
  • Customized mugs and shirts with Merry Christmas notes and family photographs for keepsake.
  • The latest collection of Christmases DVDs such as, “The Christmas Chronicles”, “Time for you to come home for Christmas” and books for instance, “Christmas Shopaholic”, “The Royal Holiday” and “Christmas on the Island” to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Fill in the Christmas boxes with body lotions, moisturizers, body scrubs, and bubble bath for your young girls. Moreover, Fancy jewelry items and glittery accessories. Christmas hairbands with elf ears or reindeer horns would be loved by your girls!
  • On the other hand, if you have young teenage boys, you can fill in their Christmas boxes with body sprays, hair gels, trendy sports caps, fashionable belts, and cozy hoodies.

Christmas Eve Boxes for Friends and Spouse:

Don’t forget to purchase or make Christmas eve box for your friends and better half! As we know, Christmas history and tradition teaches us to show love, kindness, and affection to everyone, indeed.

  • For friends, take any empty shoeboxes and wrap them with Christmas colors. For example, dark green, navy blue, bright red, and white would look perfect! Fill them with snacks, candies, chocolates, and home-baked cookies. Delicious idea!
  • Instead of boxes you can gift them smoothie jars or mugs filled with chocolates, candies, cake pops, and write a cute Merry Christmas note.
  • For your spouse or lover, a variety of things are available. If you have a male partner, you can purchase a pamper hamper as a Christmas gift box or basket for him. Moreover, you can get him his favorite beer bottles and snacks. Also, you can buy him new Air Pods.
  • Likewise, for your wife, there are numerous Christmas eve box ideas. You can get her facial kits, mani-pedi kits, or makeup kit and brushes. She will LOVE it!
  • Moreover, warm winter beanie with Christmas Day themed characters would be wonderful!
  • Women love roses and chocolates on all occasions! Therefore, you can fill her Christmas eve box with heart shape chocolates and candies.
  • Similarly, you can add a box of scented candles, wine bottles, and wine glasses in her Christmas eve boxes.

Ideas For Pets:

  • Pets are an essential part of the family! Treat them on Christmas Day equally. I’m sharing some ideas for Christmas presents for pets.
  • Instead of getting an ordinary pet food or treats, get fancy bone-shaped cookies for your dog and cute paw-shaped biscuits for your cats.
  • Additionally, you can get them, Merry Christmas themed pet bed and pillows.
  • Get warm pet pajamas for cold winter and new elf or reindeer shaped toys and catnips.
  • Moreover, you can buy cute belled collars and crochet paw stockings for cats and dogs.


These were some ideas for Christmas boxes for your loved ones. With little creativity and imagination, you can create wonders and make this Christmas memorable forever!

Hope you liked these tips and tricks. Share them with others. Also, tell us WHAT you do to make your Christmas Day a memorable one?